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Obituary for Nicholas Reisman

Nicholas (Miki) Reisman, passed away peacefully at the age of 100 years old on Sunday, November 20, 2022.
Miki was born July 16, 1922 in Beregszasz, Czechoslovakia to Margit (Zeisler) Reismann and Peter Reismann.
He is survived by his children, Paul (Zippi) Reisman and Joanne (Steve) Edelson, his grandchildren Liat (Paul) Siegel, Mara (Skyler) Siskin, Orit (Scott) Berliner, Jeremy (Amy) Edelson, Danny (Lindsey) Edelson, Yoni (Katie) Reisman, Ilan (Carly) Reisman and his 18 adored great-grandchildren. Miki is predeceased in death by his beloved wife of 75 years, Livia (Lilly), and his brothers Karcii and Yeno Reisman.

Miki lived a long and beautiful life. However, in Beregszasz where numerous Hungarian anti-Jewish laws were in place, he was forbidden from going to University. As a result, Miki joined and helped run his family's thriving cooperage business. When he turned 21 in 1943, he was forced to join the Labor Detail, a Hungarian military operation.
He bravely escaped and spent several months traversing Hungary, eventually making his way to Budapest, where he was able to get life-saving fake Swedish papers from Raul Wallenburg.

After the liberation of Auschwitz, Miki met Lilly in Budapest. Within months of meeting, Miki and Lilly were married in a DP camp in Germany. They made their way to Chicago in 1949. Upon arriving, Miki did not speak one word of English and with no resources, he was able to remarkably build a cooperage business, mirroring that which his family had built in Hungary so many years prior.

Miki was a devoted father, brother, grandfather, and great-grandfather, and a true and loyal friend to all he knew. He was a deep thinker and possessed an insatiable curiosity. He knew the intimate details of every single family member's life. He was an extraordinary man and carried himself with modesty and humility. He will be deeply missed but his memory will always be a blessing to all who knew him.